My academic program

In my academic program there are so many different themes. I love to study to be a engineer but it is also really difficult. I've been studying so hard the whole past 5 years. But I'm so happy to almost be done with it. Even when it is so hard and there are so much to learn every day I really like it. 

I tell us why I'm studying Industrial Engineer

I've always be good with numbers. Even when I was so young at school the math class was one of my fav ones. Something reallycorious about it is that my mom's first carrer was pure math. She always helps me when I need it.   Industrial engineer is a really full of math career but and good at it so I love.

What kind of professional I'm

What I want to do as an industrial engineer is really related with the people. That's why I have to have the ability to communicate with people and I'm good at it. I'm really ready to be a hardworker and focus my self on been the best industrial engineer. I'd practice so hard to get better every day and improve my weakness so in some point I'll be a high achiever. Working with people is my final goal.                       

How long I have been doing specific and disciplinary things

I have been in the university for about 5 years. In that long time I had to spend a lot of time on very important things and little time on things that are also important but easier to do. I spent a whole years doing my thesis, overcoming difficult situations. Also I spent approximately 4 months doing an event of the industrial engineer faculty named the EUDII. 5 years is a long time to do things, I have tried to do things well during this time.

What I have accomplished at te university

- I have finished my thesis.
- I have organized a meeting of industrial engineers.
- I have made friends.
- I have discovered my passion.
- I have learned English.

Present ability comparing past inability


1. I was not creative.
2. I was not dedicated.
3. I didn't understand fast.
4. I used to do exercise.
5. I was extroverted but didn't communicate.


1. I have a more innovative thinking.
2. I spend more time and effort to my tasks.
3. I learned to study in the right way.
4. I started competing in the sport that I like.
5. I got more confidence in me and started expressing my feelings and thoughts.