What I fear

I'm really afraid of clowns. I think they remember me a dab moment of my childhood. I don`t like go to the circus because is very terrifying to me. I think the clowns outfit is creapy and their make up makes them horrible. I'm trying to overcome my fear, but clowns still scare me.

What makes me angry 

When I don't understand a topic in collage I get anger. I really heate when my teacher doesn't explain me very good because I don't understand. I'm a very perfectionist girl is frustrating to me be lose in my classes. I get very angry when those things happen to my so I try to breath and do something about it. I get anger when I don't understand something so I try to find a solution to solve my problem. 

What makes me sad

Death of my relatives makes me really sad. I thinkhat death of someone you love can be devastating . I don't like that feeling. I experiment that feeling once and it was terrible to me. My relative are very important to me so love them will make me very sad.

What I enjoy

I like the fitness life, so I really enjoy exercising. I like to train CrossFit because I really feel happy when I do it. I go to the gym close to my house and I train there. I think exercise is a good way to spend my free time. I think exercise help you to have a healthy life that's the reason why I enjoy CrossFit. 

What surprises me

I usually get surprised by the small pleasures of life. I get surpresed when I taste really good food. When someone tell me something beautiful surprises me. I get surprised when someone give me chocolates or candies, I think that's really nice. Sometimes small things can give us a big surprise.

What disgust me

I think the rodents are disgusting. I don`t like any type of rodents especially the mauses. I find mauses. I find mauses very gross becauses they are very dirty. Mauses are every where and that's really disgusting. Rodents have very contagious deseases that's disgusting.